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March recap & top 3 voters and donators!


It's the end of the month again, lets recap everything that happened this month!

  • The server relaunched
  • Did a few updates for mostly bug fixes, can be found back
  • Added a 'nomiating system' where you could nominate other people to become staff member.
  • Added facebook/instagram advertisements (you might have seen them if you are on that platform)
  • OSRS giveaways
  • More events in general!
  • Also reached 45 players online!

Thank you all for this amazing month, we also reached our donation goal with 300%!!!! And out voting goal also, with 100%!

That's why I'd like to congratulate the following people with the Blazing sword!


Top 3 donators

  • Cocopuffs
  • P1x3l l3g3nd
  • Party Pete

Top 3 voters

  • Arezo
  • Zeke tom
  • Persona

You may login into the game and type ::inviteclaim to get your blazing sword, congratulations again!

Thank you all for this month's support


and Staff team

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Created on: 2019-03-31 20:33:52

Last updated on: 2019-03-31 20:36:33

New staff members & cannon changes

Hi players,

New staff members

We would like to welcome the following new Helpers, they will become helper after they've accepted the offer.

  • Ultimate q
  • Persona

We would also like to announce the new event manager.

  • Miku

Congratulations everyone, lets go for next week!

You may nominate yourself or someone else here: nominating

Cannon changes

Today I've decided to change the way the cannon works, there was an issue where people were standing AFK' for hours with the camulet amulet on, which means that all the loot went straight to their bank.

Now players must be in attack, when they are not, after 50 attacks, the cannon will stop working and must move/be in attack with a monster again.

This is to prevent AFK'ing with the cannon. If you used the cannon like any other, then nothing has changed. Because of this change, the distance between you and the player may now be 15 instead of 5. Cannons may now also be placed 2 tiles closer toeach otherr


Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2019-03-12 18:22:10

Last updated on: 2019-03-13 10:50:13

Crack the clue


Crack the clue event is an event where you find a specific location on the world map by just a hint or clue made my Miku. He has made a map of 6 different clue scrolls that will be posted in ::discord on the 10th of March starting date, each day a single clue scroll will be posted in here and its your job to solve the clue, and go to the location INGAME on OS-Warand dig, (spades will be provided at ::home) if you dig at the correct spots then you will receive a special Cosmetic item for each spot, some of these are challenging so i must wish you all good luck, on the final clue I will be providing you with a map in here to use or you wouldn't be able to solve it otherwise, good luck to everyone

Crack the clue event is now about to start, each day  for the next 5 days I will be releasing 1 clue scroll in here, your job is to solve it and go to the  location ingame and dig, once you dig you will receive a special Cosmetic item, Goodluck to everyone

First clue


Second clue


Third clue


Forth clue


5th clue


6th clue


Good luck everyone and have fun finding all the 6 clues!

Pim & Miku

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Created on: 2019-03-10 13:02:58

Last updated on: 2019-03-16 08:07:16

Game updates 9-3-2019

Hi everyone, don't forget to join this 20m OSRS gold giveaway, also, made some new updates! Mostly bug fixing as I promised in #updates as I have that on my priority list right now, because I'd rather focus on fixing the current content then adding new one. 

Here are the updates, enjoy!

- The head icons now appear correct for deadman mode and some of the other ranks.

- The PJ timer has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, so doubled.

- The legendary contributor may now also execute donator commands.

- The armadyl crossbow has been made 1 tick slower.

- The armadyl pet attack emote has been changed so it doesn't bug.

- You now get more vote points in total when doing ::auth, ::reward now also exists to not confuse new players as it is stated on the website.

- You can now instantly teleport from the godwars dungeon as a dmm mode player

- The 10 seconds delay for dmm has been changed, will now only trigger when you are under attack.

- A dmm bug has been solved with dieing in the same spot over and over.

- Dragon limbs drop were replaced with dragon hunter crossbows

- The POS price has been changed back to the amount of the items, people thought that people were selling millions of items.

- In the player owned shops, deadman players will only see deadman shops and normal players will only see normal shops.

- The last update stated that DMM could add 3 items to their POS, but wasn't working. Now it is.

- It will now announce when glod will be spawning

- Deadman mode players can now stake at the duel arena (without losing keys)

- Clues will now always add to your inventory/drop on the ground to prevent getting them stuck/break.

- All contributor ranks will now have bonus xp in the donator zone.

- You can now call your pets with the command ::call, also pets didn't teleport correctly with you, when you were too far away, now they do.

- Added a few more 'Did you knows'

- Several cannon pickup/spawning issues were fixed.

- Pest control points have been increased from 5 to 7.

- Might have fixed that you had to relog for using the prayer altar.

Those were the updates for today, thanks for playing. See you around.


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Created on: 2019-03-09 21:20:41

Last updated on: 2019-03-09 21:20:41

Big important updates 6-3-2019

Hi, did some updates today, some quite impact the game, other don't. So I am here to share what I did today and what I think is best for the game in the long run.

They were mostly bug fixes.

- Added ::checkbank back for administrators

- Dmm will now always have an icon above their head (they could cheat this with the donator rank)

- Dmm will have no access to ::bank or the pet banking system

- Ultimate ironman and normal ironman may now drop everything.

- Added some new items to the vote store, to give people a motivation to vote.

- Nerfed the vote points for legendary contributors by a lot, those insta-kill darts were way too easy to obtain and contributed a lot to ruining the economy on the long term.

- Your shop will now appear in the player owned shops even when there's only 1 item in there. It will go invisible when there has been no activity by you for more than a week.

- The knife and dart speeds were nerfed

- The barrage was re-enabled in the player owned houses.

- The houses now have a bigger boundary, so other players can't get into your house.

- You may now use ::auth all to claim all your auths at once!

- Deadman will now have 3 slots available in their player owned shops.

- ** Big for ironman ** The cannon and pets will now contribute to your damage, so you will now get the item, even when the cannon has done most of the damage.

- ** Big ** Nerfed the droprate and the experience rates in general, to give the game a more long term sustainability.

- Dmm can no longer instantly teleport from locations, I have also increased the timer from 5 to 10. It's double now. Dmm's will also no longer have a timer when they teleport from the home location.

- The droprates for dmm are now the same as for normals.

- Many wearable items that you couldn't wear, you can now wear. For example, the red dragon mask.

- ** Big ** The cannon will now also re-appear in your inventory after a relog when you disconnect!

We will also have an event for the 10th of March regarding hunting clue locations :wink: This is @Miku's event. He will tell you more about it on the 10th. This event has also been coded in

These were the updates for today, mostly bug fixes as I said, content will come later!

Pim (Owner)

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Created on: 2019-03-06 12:55:30

Last updated on: 2019-03-06 12:55:30

Current live events going on on OS-War

Hi players!

We currently have a few events that are going on on OS-War, so I thought that I would let you know about them.

1. LnxqnMn.pngOSRS gold giveaway

We are doing daily OSRS gold giveaways, simply by doing something in-game or doing on our discord. We are currently giving away 15 mill worth of OSRS gold!


2. Legendary contributor for a video

We are also currently giving away legendary contributor for all the players that make a video about OS-War for us. Just let us know in the live chat system that you'd like to participate. Send us your YouTube video and we will give you the rank as soon as possible. For more information about this amazing status symbol, check this out here:


868854e0dacf90f203ccb59fadf5f145.png The legendary contributor status will give you many benefits87046368a232e329a06b0b415b058f3b.png

3. cooltext315494918615521.png

Collect-A-Mania is an event that will progress through a few months when OSWAR is released again, the objective is each week on a random day at a random time a typing event code which I will release inside the #chat (::discord) will appear, the first player to type it correctly will receive a colored Bead the color will be mentioned in the chatroom each time a code is posted, your objective is throughout the weeks is to collect ALL colour Beads the first player to collect all color Beads will  receive a special "Hidden" reward from @Pim -  himself, we have decided Beads because they are no bonuses to them plus this will make the event run longer, once all colors have been released at least once I will go down the color list again starting with the first Bead I give away so @everyone has a chance to win, good luck!

4. Top 3 donators and voters

This time we are giving away this legendary sword:


The only thing you have to do is be an active voter, be in our top 3 list available when you vote. This will be the same for our top donators! This sword is exclusive and is only given away once every month to 6 people! 

This sword hits very high in PvM and is worth a lot.

5. Discord events

We are also hosting hourly events on discord, the only thing you have to do is login daily and you may win one yourself. If you win one, you will automatically receive it in your bank, even when you are offline!


Thank you for viewing our giveaways and good luck everyone!


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Created on: 2019-03-03 18:01:23

Last updated on: 2019-03-03 18:53:56


We are now live!

-- Updates --

* New items in the PKP store and slayer store

* You will keep your old account with password, as long as you know this password you're fine.

* Old players will receive an extra free reward / Old contributors will receive an (extra) free starters reward (pets/mystery box/legendary box)

* You will now receive money as reward when doing raids

* The assembler cape will now count as a max cape

* Elite clues are now droppable

* Looting bags are now droppable

* All high scores have been reset/other data including shops, houses etc have been reset

* You will now see the player owned shop price of the item instead of the amount.

* Legendary contributor rank is disabled for the first week

* Lower drop rates for general/DMM's

* Banking with left-clicking your pet

Since this is a complete reset, there should be enough content for everyone to enjoy, that's why new osrs data content (new items/bosses) have been postponed for at least a week. I will keep you up-to-date with this. I currently have a week holiday so should be able to get alot of feedback & other content updates!


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Created on: 2019-03-01 20:12:44

Last updated on: 2019-03-01 20:36:56

Relaunch - how will it work?

Hi players of OS-War,

Thank you for sticking to our server, we're currently working on relaunching our server! Hopefully, you will enjoy all our effort put into this.

So lets start by talking what's going to change in this relaunch:

  • Everyone will start again from 0, you will not have your stats or any items. This means a complete reset
  • You will lose all your donated items, but you will keep the rank you donated for (so the amount of dollars you donated)
  • The discord bot will be nerfed by a lot.
  • Ingame items will be made harder to obtain, especially rare items.

We will try to add all the latest OSRS updates into our game as well!

Also, old players will receive some extra presents to help start them in the game ;)

Hopefully you're as hyped as we are!


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Created on: 2019-02-16 22:16:11

Last updated on: 2019-02-16 22:16:11

Server relaunch

Hi players!

We are currently offline preparing for our relaunch! The the server is currently down till the end of february and will be online the 1st of March! More details on donations will be posted later.

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Created on: 2019-02-07 14:23:23

Last updated on: 2019-02-07 14:23:23

Top donators & voters

Hi there! Another month has passed, this means that we have some winners to annouce for both top 3 donators and top 3 voters! The following top 3 donators will receive this sword and an extra reward in blood money! Top 3 donators 1 - Nubes, one blazing sword & 20k blood money 2 - Hitamaru, one blazing sword & 15k blood money 3 - Its Bloke, one blazing sword & 10k blood money Top 3 voters 1 - Persona, one blazing sword 2 - Crypsys, one blazing sword 3 - Miku, one blazing sword Congratulations to the winners! You may do ::inviteclaim to claim your prizes!

Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2018-10-31 10:16:02

Last updated on: 2018-10-31 10:16:02

Discord Github Bot


From now on, most of our updates, can be seen from the Github discord bot. Less will be posted on here, especially the smaller ones.


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Created on: 2018-10-08 19:54:51

Last updated on: 2018-10-08 19:54:51

Drop parties, new sword and discord reaction event!

Hey Scapers!

The blazing sword

I would you like to show you our new sword: The blazing sword. This sword will give you a special effect when killing monsters in the game! 

The second this with this sword is that only the top 3 donators and voters will receive this sword every month! This means that there will only be a limited amount in the game. It will attack 2 times per tick and uses that next tick to also do 2 attacks. This means 4 attacks per tick.

Here you will see the animations of the sword


Here the people that have won, congratulations!

Top 3 donators

  • Chimera
  • Lazxy
  • Wald0

Top 3 voters

  • Zeke tom
  • Persona
  • Tweekex

These players may do ::inviteclaim to claim this sword!

Other bug fixes

  • The npcs in your slayer dungeon will no longer spawn instantly, this might have caused issues with disconnecting
  • The drops in your dungeon will no longer last 10 minutes as a donator but the default time
  • There's now a safeguard in inferno & fight caves where it will automatically spawn the next wave when it doesn't has any npc's spawned in 1 minute


Force spawning when in inferno or the fight caves when they don't continue for some reason.


The monsters in your slayer dungeon will no longer spawn instantly (sometimes players had 100's of them in one cave), this will make it less laggy.

Drop parties

We will be hosting 2 drop party's weekly now! These will occur at Friday at round 10 PM Amsterdam Time and Sunday around 9PM Amsterdam Time. If it is delayed or cancelled, you will be able to see it on our calendar. This can be found here:


Discord reaction bot

The next thing I have built today is that discord reaction bot. I really want to create an active community on discord, this means is when you're an active user on discord, you will receive extra's such as gear and items in our game.

About every 30 minutes, the bot will annouce a random string that the players must type. There can be multiple events active and once and there may be more than 1 winners at every event.


Edit 4-9-2018 - it will now print out an image to type instead to prevent copy & pasting.


Here you see the discord bot live in action.

Thank you again, lets make this month great!

Pim and the Staff team

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Created on: 2018-08-31 22:18:44

Last updated on: 2018-09-04 11:31:27

Small bug fixes + discord bot!


Just a small batch of updates today! Mostly animations/gfx and the scythe of vitur correction. Let me know what you think about it on discord or ingame!

  • An extra monster added to elite clues
  • The scythe of vitur now hits 3 times per attack and degrades
  • The ghrazi rapier attack/standing animation has been changed
  • The godsword special attack animations has been changed to the correct ones
  • There's now a calendar under the news section to see what dates events are planned
  • You no longer need 75 defence for the raids 2 items

Big data

I will also be working on getting some useful data that I collect on the server. If you're interested in what kind of data we're collecting, you may always ask, this should also be stated somewere in the policies.

Automatic giveaways

You you may now enter the daily automatic raffle ingame, but also on discord. On discord you may use ::giveaway-name here and ingame ::raffle. Entering is free and no cost! Good luck!

Scythe of vitur

It will now hit 3 times on monsters and just one time on players in pvp combat. It's an ideal pvm weapon. You may recharge it for 15.000.000 gp.


Ghazi rapier

The ghazi rapier will now have a better animation for its weapon.


Discord bot

You may now find our discord bot on the discord channel that may be found at the end of the page. There's currently only one command, that is ::players, this will announce all the current players online in a list.

This bot will announce when a player levels to 99, prestiges, donates or receives an interesting drop. This bot can be expanded to very cool features such as automatic giveaways, games that automatically give in-game rewards and such.


Hope you have a great day,


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Created on: 2018-08-18 16:05:08

Last updated on: 2018-08-26 14:19:58

Pim3 vacation


I will be on vacation for 2,5 weeks (till the 12th of August), this means that in this period, there will be no updates and minimal bug fixes. I am giving this heads up so you know what the current state is and that you shouldn't expect too much in this period.

I will be available for help and tickets. I am still able to access the database to perform actions on request.


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Created on: 2018-07-26 01:08:22

Last updated on: 2018-07-26 01:09:17

New OS-War promotion video!

A new video about OS-War has been published on YouTube, show some love and likes ;) 

Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2018-07-24 18:05:36

Last updated on: 2018-07-24 18:05:36

Legendary contributor & raids data

You may now donate for legendary contributor, you may purchase this in a subscription base or just one-time in our store.

The benefits may be seen on the page itself.


We've also updated our cache to load the latest raids data.

Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2018-07-24 12:41:23

Last updated on: 2018-07-24 12:42:46

Bug fixes

Big bug fix update list

  • The kraken cave will no longer teleport you to the wrong instance
  • Deadman mode teleport timer has been changed, you can teleport more often now without being cancelled
  • You will no longer be able to double claim your rewards at harodl evans
  • The spottier cave will now give more experience
  • The hunter skill will now give you double the experience it did before
  • In raids, only 1 player is allowed from the same address when receiving rewards from Olm
  • Dmm will know have the other interface(dmm interface) when they have a penalty, so they know when they are safe to go back home.
  • Ultimate ironmans wheren't chosen correctly upon choosing, this is now fixed and players may not choose to player the ultimate ironman mode.
  • An important update with items going from dmm to normal has been dealt with.
  • Reverted the games code and redid (copy & pasted) the code that I already had, this might solve the stability issue.
  • HC, UIM may now note their items on banks only and not on every object ingame
  • Hardcore ironsmans were missing some code so added that
  • Prestiging has been nerfed money wise and blood money wise
  • Prestiging has been increased to a maximum of 35
  • You may browse the player owned shops quicker now, there was a delay first
  • You may now use the slayer cave in your garden and not only inside your house
  • Deadman tournaments were completely removed, nobody used them
  • DMM's have a timer again when teleporting
  • Vote bonus for donators will now properly work (vip more than normal donors +.. etc)
  • There's now a minecart ticket in the general store that you can buy and sell for 1 billion GP
  • Ballista's attack speed and special attack have been buffed
  • The drop warning is set from false when a new account is created, got so many questions on how to turn it off (::toggledrops)
  • In the POS on that 'latest added' tab, you are now also able to use the 'X' amount
  • The shop search history will now limit it to the latest 600 results
  • There was a bug in the POS where it said 'Too much', also got rid of that glitch.
  • Made an extra check for the POS so even when people are offline they get the items
  • You are now more likely to safe your cannon when a sudden disconnect happens
  • Raid clan chat fix @Miku  when at the raids waiting zone walking around
  • Sponors will now have the ::task command, this will teleport them to their slayer task
  • The prayer scrolls have been switched around, because this was very confisuing.
  • The skilling event is now more challenging and now always rewards 400 platinum tokens.
  • The ring of visibility will now pickup your cannonballs and coins
  • The camulet will pick up items automatically for you when they are less than 1000 coins worth
  • The nature amulet will pick up items automatically for you when they are more than 1000 coins worth
  • Cannons may no longer be placed in the corporeal lair
  • DMM may no longer use teletabs to instantly teleport when skulled, this also give a timer now
  • DMM will only have the teleport timer when skulled
  • DMM guards will hit through  prayer now
  • DMM guards now have less xp
  • Vote claiming works again


You may now create tickets for quick support from our admins/mods.

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Created on: 2018-07-24 12:37:34

Last updated on: 2018-07-24 12:37:34

Referring system & website update & donation store rework & bug fixes

  • Player owned houses now correctly saves even in the slayer dungeon after a restart
  • Hardcore ironman/ultimate ironman may now note items with banks outisde houses
  • The safe pvp zone was removed in the abbys, you may now use the bank again.
  • Donators may now use the ::bank command    
  • Contributors: 60 seconds Sponsor: 15 seconds
  • Supporteer: 10 seconds VIP: 7,5 seconds
  • SUPER VIP: 3 seconds
  • The maximum amount of prestiges per skill has been increased from 25 to 30
  • You can now toggle the justificar dmg absorbed messages with ::togglemessages
  • Bug solved with donators not losing items in a pvp zone You will no longer lose items in edgeville
  • You will now teleport closer to the safe pk zone when you die in the safe pk zone
  • Donators will now have access to the ::empty command
  • Ultimate/hardcore ironman will no longer have it that items can be sent to their bank Experience lamps you get from the platinum tokens are now stackable and are sent to your inventory
  • Today the referral system went live! You may visit this at: may refer your friends for in-game rewards now!
  • We've also updated our website to the new one
  • I've also been working on reworking the donation store.
  • Also, 3 new videos were made about OS-War!

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Created on: 2018-07-23 23:10:13

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 23:35:32

Bug fixes & revenant caves

  • A raids issue was solved where you could teleport from everywhere to riads.
  • The slayer house dungeon heights issue was solved The slayer house spawn issue when clicking multiple times on the object was solved An issue with raids not removing you correctly was solved
  • A height issue with the slayer dungeon house was solved New wilderness capes & god capes have been added to the mage arena store
    The experience rates have been doubled, the prestige experience reward has been halved.
  • The NPCs should now spawn correctly in houses The corp should now drop the divine spirit shield, the shield has a 100% chance of blocking 25% of the damage in PVP.
  • The hourly rewards will now go to your bank instead of your inventory The smoke devils drops were fixed
  • Added a tab in the player owned shops to see which items were added last by players, another glitch with searching has also been solved
  • The dragon sword's special attack is nerfed
  • New PvP items are added to the blood money store.


Last added items to the POS


Revenant caves

The revenant caves have been added to OS-War!


Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2018-07-23 23:01:02

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 23:05:53

Vorkath added to OS-War!


  • Vorkath has been added to the wilderness level 9 (multi), but may also be purchased in your house for a total of 25m cash and 1250 blood money. The drops of Vorkath will include the pet, Vorki, the skeletal visage and the dragonbone amulet. T
  • he superior dragon bones will be better than all the bones currently in the game.
  • Also, the players whitelisted in your slayer dungeon may now also visit the slayer dungeon and slay the monsters there.

Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2018-07-23 22:56:06

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 22:57:58

Your own slayer dungeons!


You may now create your own slayer dungeons. Here are all the change logs.

  • You may now create your own slayer dungeons in your construction house.
  • Creating a dungeon will cost you 25 million coins and 1,250 blood money.
  • You may create a slayer dungeon in each house for the same price.
  • Buying monsters in your dungeon will cost you mainly blood money and some coins.
  • The monsters you spawn will re-spawn every time you kill them until you decide to remove them from your dungeon.

Created by: pim3

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Created on: 2018-07-23 20:58:04

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 22:58:42

We try to make our game as enjoyable as possible, because we can't live without our players. If you have any suggestions, please let them know.

OS-War Owner

The first place where people come to download the game is the website, the website should be good and player friendly and I don't think that it is in the current state.