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We have an unique referall system to gain items easily. You will receive items for every refer you.

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OS-War Calendar

Here you may see our monhtly calendar, this will include everything from events to developer time

OS-War RSPS Toplists

This is just a part of our toplist. Join the competition and become the best!

Most active trader

Username Trades
W4lb0 427
Layne 367
Darksize 333
E Dub 317
Party Time 257

Barrows hunters

Username Barrows chests
Hiyall 147
Layne 110
Ubermensch 64
Minx 45
Idkwot2put 33

Top loyal players

Username Times logged in
Idkwot2put 783
Uncle 752
P1x3l L3g3nd 664
Layne 582
E Dub 537
The most loyal player this month for OSWarMember of the month

We currently have no member of the month.

We try to make our game as enjoyable as possible, because we can't live without our players. If you have any suggestions, please let them know.

OS-War Owner

The first place where people come to download the game is the website, the website should be good and player friendly and I don't think that it is in the current state.