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OS-War latest news / updates

Bug fixes

Big bug fix update list

  • The kraken cave will no longer teleport you to the wrong instance
  • Deadman mode teleport timer has been changed, you can teleport more often now without being cancelled
  • You will no longer be able to double claim your rewards at harodl evans
  • The spottier cave will now give more experience
  • The hunter skill will now give you double the experience it did before
  • In raids, only 1 player is allowed from the same address when receiving rewards from Olm
  • Dmm will know have the other interface(dmm interface) when they have a penalty, so they know when they are safe to go back home.
  • Ultimate ironmans wheren't chosen correctly upon choosing, this is now fixed and players may not choose to player the ultimate ironman mode.
  • An important update with items going from dmm to normal has been dealt with.
  • Reverted the games code and redid (copy & pasted) the code that I already had, this might solve the stability issue.
  • HC, UIM may now note their items on banks only and not on every object ingame
  • Hardcore ironsmans were missing some code so added that
  • Prestiging has been nerfed money wise and blood money wise
  • Prestiging has been increased to a maximum of 35
  • You may browse the player owned shops quicker now, there was a delay first
  • You may now use the slayer cave in your garden and not only inside your house
  • Deadman tournaments were completely removed, nobody used them
  • DMM's have a timer again when teleporting
  • Vote bonus for donators will now properly work (vip more than normal donors +.. etc)
  • There's now a minecart ticket in the general store that you can buy and sell for 1 billion GP
  • Ballista's attack speed and special attack have been buffed
  • The drop warning is set from false when a new account is created, got so many questions on how to turn it off (::toggledrops)
  • In the POS on that 'latest added' tab, you are now also able to use the 'X' amount
  • The shop search history will now limit it to the latest 600 results
  • There was a bug in the POS where it said 'Too much', also got rid of that glitch.
  • Made an extra check for the POS so even when people are offline they get the items
  • You are now more likely to safe your cannon when a sudden disconnect happens
  • Raid clan chat fix @Miku  when at the raids waiting zone walking around
  • Sponors will now have the ::task command, this will teleport them to their slayer task
  • The prayer scrolls have been switched around, because this was very confisuing.
  • The skilling event is now more challenging and now always rewards 400 platinum tokens.
  • The ring of visibility will now pickup your cannonballs and coins
  • The camulet will pick up items automatically for you when they are less than 1000 coins worth
  • The nature amulet will pick up items automatically for you when they are more than 1000 coins worth
  • Cannons may no longer be placed in the corporeal lair
  • DMM may no longer use teletabs to instantly teleport when skulled, this also give a timer now
  • DMM will only have the teleport timer when skulled
  • DMM guards will hit through  prayer now
  • DMM guards now have less xp
  • Vote claiming works again


You may now create tickets for quick support from our admins/mods.

Created by: pim3

Created on: 2018-07-24 12:37:34

Last updated on: 2018-07-24 12:37:34

Referring system & website update & donation store rework & bug fixes

  • Player owned houses now correctly saves even in the slayer dungeon after a restart
  • Hardcore ironman/ultimate ironman may now note items with banks outisde houses
  • The safe pvp zone was removed in the abbys, you may now use the bank again.
  • Donators may now use the ::bank command    
  • Contributors: 60 seconds Sponsor: 15 seconds
  • Supporteer: 10 seconds VIP: 7,5 seconds
  • SUPER VIP: 3 seconds
  • The maximum amount of prestiges per skill has been increased from 25 to 30
  • You can now toggle the justificar dmg absorbed messages with ::togglemessages
  • Bug solved with donators not losing items in a pvp zone You will no longer lose items in edgeville
  • You will now teleport closer to the safe pk zone when you die in the safe pk zone
  • Donators will now have access to the ::empty command
  • Ultimate/hardcore ironman will no longer have it that items can be sent to their bank Experience lamps you get from the platinum tokens are now stackable and are sent to your inventory
  • Today the referral system went live! You may visit this at: may refer your friends for in-game rewards now!
  • We've also updated our website to the new one
  • I've also been working on reworking the donation store.
  • Also, 3 new videos were made about OS-War!

Created by: pim3

Created on: 2018-07-23 23:10:13

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 23:35:32

Bug fixes & revenant caves

  • A raids issue was solved where you could teleport from everywhere to riads.
  • The slayer house dungeon heights issue was solved The slayer house spawn issue when clicking multiple times on the object was solved An issue with raids not removing you correctly was solved
  • A height issue with the slayer dungeon house was solved New wilderness capes & god capes have been added to the mage arena store
    The experience rates have been doubled, the prestige experience reward has been halved.
  • The NPCs should now spawn correctly in houses The corp should now drop the divine spirit shield, the shield has a 100% chance of blocking 25% of the damage in PVP.
  • The hourly rewards will now go to your bank instead of your inventory The smoke devils drops were fixed
  • Added a tab in the player owned shops to see which items were added last by players, another glitch with searching has also been solved
  • The dragon sword's special attack is nerfed
  • New PvP items are added to the blood money store.


Last added items to the POS


Revenant caves

The revenant caves have been added to OS-War!


Created by: pim3

Created on: 2018-07-23 23:01:02

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 23:05:53

Vorkath added to OS-War!


  • Vorkath has been added to the wilderness level 9 (multi), but may also be purchased in your house for a total of 25m cash and 1250 blood money. The drops of Vorkath will include the pet, Vorki, the skeletal visage and the dragonbone amulet. T
  • he superior dragon bones will be better than all the bones currently in the game.
  • Also, the players whitelisted in your slayer dungeon may now also visit the slayer dungeon and slay the monsters there.

Created by: pim3

Created on: 2018-07-23 22:56:06

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 22:57:58

Your own slayer dungeons!


You may now create your own slayer dungeons. Here are all the change logs.

  • You may now create your own slayer dungeons in your construction house.
  • Creating a dungeon will cost you 25 million coins and 1,250 blood money.
  • You may create a slayer dungeon in each house for the same price.
  • Buying monsters in your dungeon will cost you mainly blood money and some coins.
  • The monsters you spawn will re-spawn every time you kill them until you decide to remove them from your dungeon.

Created by: pim3

Created on: 2018-07-23 20:58:04

Last updated on: 2018-07-23 22:58:42

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